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Tru-Point™ uses highly accurate advanced camera technology to create a three-dimensional model of the vehicle to provide you with a complete analysis of the vehicle alignment condition in under a minute, right on the shop floor.



Tru-Point™ streamlines the process to quickly help you place the targets in the precise OEM required location without lasers and tape measures and the need for a level floor without worrying about any reference value, guidebook, or manual inputs.



Designed to grant you total freedom, Tru-Point™ allows you to use any ADAS capable scan tool to complete the calibration process. For the most robust features and comprehensive, market-leading ADAS coverage, choose Snap-on® diagnostics scan tools to complete the job.



An accurate, easy-to-read report provides proof that you executed all steps required for a perfect calibration guaranteeing you are putting a safe vehicle back on the road again, as well as increasing your customer’s satisfaction and their confidence in your business.

Alignment check

The Tru-Point™ offers an accurate, easy-to-read report that indicates any drive direction or ADAS alignment problems the vehicle might have to identify vehicle repair services.

Knowing that you are executing all steps required for a perfect calibration, guarantees you are putting a safe vehicle back on the road again, helping to increase your customer’s satisfaction and their confidence in your business.

Adas Recalibration

Tru-Point™ delivers an integrated system that combines high camera technology, targets, and advanced software design that puts all recalibration on a fast track.

Our operating system's solution streamlines the process from beginning to end with simple, real-time, and visual target placement indication.

That means you don't have to worry about any reference value, guidebook, or manual input.

Tru-Point™ ADAS Calibration System

Introducing Tru-Point™

Tru-Point™ Now Available

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Tru-Point™ ADAS Calibration System Introduction
Tru-Point™ Camera System
Floor Compensation
Folding Arms
Full Audit System
Height Adjustment
Precision Beam Adjustment
Proof of Target Placement
Tru-Point™ Software
Tru-Point™ Swing Arm Monitor
Touch Screen

Eliminate uncertainty
right from the start

This revolutionary system eliminates complexity allowing shops to perform accurate recalibrations in a matter of seconds while validating if the vehicle had all the alignment conditions required and certifying that the targets were accurately placed. That way you can focus more on job quality and your shop´s productivity rather than uncertainty.

Eliminate uncertainty right from the start

Unmatched Interface

The Tru-Point™ only relies on a single-guided process to get the job done. Unlike other ADAS recalibration products on the market today, technicians no longer have to worry about figuring the right numbers in for measuring different parts or distances.
Even without prior vehicle-specific knowledge, all it takes is for the system’s intuitive interface to pinpoint the correct positioning of the beam in front of the car.

Unmatched Interface Guidance


Achieving the highest level of precision is no longer a problem. A simple color-coded system allows you to easily identify the exact location for target placement going from red to green. Done!



For that extra boost of confidence, the Tru-Point™ allows shops to get a printout report as evidence that the targets were placed exactly where they needed to be during the procedure to perform a precise recalibration according to the OEM specifications.

Validation report


The system automatically compensates for the location of the vehicle. While most systems function by referencing the height of the vehicle from the shop floor, Tru-Point™ measures the height of the targets from the tire contact patch of all four wheels, allowing for the vehicle to quickly move anywhere in the shop; even from a rack to the floor.

Floor compensation
Floor compensation
Floor compensation

Targets & Coverage

Your pass to grow
your business with
the latest data

Limited data access
  • Coverage
  • Front Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • Front Radar
Limited data access
  • Coverage
  • Front Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • Front Radar
  • Blind Spot
Full data access
  • Coverage
  • Front Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • Front Radar
  • Blind Spot
  • Night Vision
  • Lane Camera
  • 360

* Premium Full Data Access is Available for the first 12 months after Purchase.

You can shop with confidence for calibration targets and the most current data for the vehicle makes and models you work with, ensuring that all your calibrations are done accurately and efficiently.

*If a new subscription is not purchased or renewed after 12 months, Tru-Point will revert to the Included subscription plan. As ADAS features continue to expand, our targets and coverage for OEM procedures may require an additional subscription, based on manufacturer requirements.


The Tru-Point™ Augmented Reality app lets you explore in a whole new way – with both 3D functionality and AR mode.

Foot pedal

Allows you to move the beam back and forth without having to move the entire system


Push down on the locking mechanism, to provide extra stabilization and anchor the base to the floor

Precision beam

Integrated with a turntable allowing you to easily perform the fine adjustment on the targets without extra effort

Height adjust

Squeeze trigger on handles and freely move the beam up and down for target height

Folding arms

Provides you with a more compact system that’s easy to store and delivers greater mobility

Camera system

3D modeling capabilities allow the system to replace lasers and tape measures

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Technical specifications
Tire Size (AC400) 19"-39" (48.3cm - 99.1cm)

- Two Wheel Chocks
- AC400
- VIN Scanner


- Target Storage Cart
- Deluxe Target Set

Dimensions 30" x 113" x 82"
(76.2 x 287.02 x 208.28cm) - Extended
30" x 53" x 82"
(76.2 x 134.62 x 208.28cm) - Folded
Weight 512lbs (232.2 kg) - Shipping
376lbs (170.5 kg) - Equipment

- 12 months for parts and labor

Power requirements 100-240V
Display 24" TFT

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